May 14, 2019

Learning More About Our Silver Sponsor, UKFast

We love getting to know our #MM19UK sponsors a bit better! This time, we hear from UKFast about their role in the Magento community, the importance of connecting offline, and what eCommerce clients should be doing to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Can you tell us a little about your company?

UKFast is a leading UK managed dedicated server and cloud hosting provider, delivering a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services to some of the world’s best-loved brands. We host business-critical websites and applications, providing 100% network uptime, optimum security and award-winning customer service.

Launched by Lawrence and Gail Jones in 1999, UKFast has since grown to over 400 employees at a state-of-the-art campus in Manchester.

2. How do you feel that your company fits into the wider Magento community?

UKFast’s team of Magento-certified specialists combine a deep understanding of industry best practice with personal experience of successfully setting up and updating thousands of Magento 1 and 2 environments to configure and manage wholly-secure Magento-optimised hosting solutions. We provide bespoke Magento-optimised hosting solutions across Community and Enterprise.

3. What were your reasons for sponsoring Meet Magento UK?

Meet Magento UK is the largest Magento event in the country and not only does it offer us a chance to meet with our existing and future Magento clients, it helps those in the Magento community connect with each other.

At UKFast, we’re always looking to learn and develop, and Meet Magento UK offers an opportunity for everyone to hear about the latest innovations, learn from industry experts and have conversations that will help everyone grow. We are delighted to be involved!

4. What was your highlight from MM18UK (if attended)?

The turnout at last year’s event was great, offering a great opportunity for the UK Magento community to get together.

5. Why do you think it’s important to take time out to come to events like ours?

With so much of business being done online, it’s sometimes easy to forget the importance of connecting offline. Events like Meet Magento UK are a great opportunity to feel inspired and refreshed, ready to take your business to the next level.

6. What do you think makes the Magento community so unique?

What makes the Magento community unique is that, with Magento being an open-source CMS and with Magento 2 being hosted on gitlab, a large number of developers can easily contribute to a Magento project. It’s a community that really relies on working well together.

7. What do you think has been the biggest leap forward in the eCommerce industry so far?

eCommerce is everywhere today; having moved from desktop computers to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Ensuring you optimise the eCommerce experience to suit individual customers and their mode of shopping helps businesses stay ahead of the curve.

8. What trends, tactics, or tools should we be focusing on in 2019? What do you predict we’ll see this year?

Subscription-based models, specifically for eCommerce businesses, is a trend we expect to boom this year. Many cosmetic and food delivery businesses already use this method, where customers can pay for regular deliveries of ‘goodie boxes’, snack boxes and recipe kits for a set number of months.

In addition, speed continues to dominate eCommerce, and frameworks like Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are going to be a massive part of keeping up with consumer expectations. The age of the normal app for online stores may come to an end, with PWAs taking up less space in mobile storage and boosting organic rankings. And finally, as data continues to take over the world, automation will become more and more important for any eCommerce business to efficiently use resources, reduce costs and improve the consumer experience.

9. Why should merchants attend Meet Magento UK 2019?

For anyone wanting to start or grow their business online, big decisions such as who you should host your website and online shop with, are easier to take when you can talk to an expert face-to-face about your requirements. For any business, it’s essential to stay on top of emerging trends, tools and tactics, and Meet Magento UK is the best place for that!

10. Why should attendees visit you in the Sponsor Marketplace on June 19th?

Our team of Magento experts will be able to discuss the best hosting solution for your requirements, working out-of-the-box for your specific domains.