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Antonija Tadic

Head of PMO at Interactiv4


Hey, you can call me Tonka, it's my nickname. I'm a cheerful person who enjoys little things in life. I love to work and grow. In my work, it is all about people. Finding caterpillars and helping them transition into butterflies. In my spare time, I enjoy yoga (working hard on improving my postures), I'm a fitness fanatic so I work out 3 times a week, and I love to go to nature to do some hikes. Aside from that, I'm a student of life - reading and learning every day. Also, I'm a big foodie, which probably explains well all exercising I mentioned before.

All about the talk

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How a new model of hiring resources completely transformed our company i4

In my presentation, I’m going to talk about how i4 has transformed into a better company by changing a hiring model. The presentation is about people and decisions. We have been offered an opportunity to hire people through international agencies.
We have opted to try this approach with just a couple of developers. Working with people that don’t physically work in your office, or share the same cultural habits can be, and in most cases, a challenge. However, in our case, it happens not to be. It was the best decision we made.
In my speech will explain the basics like how we started, which problems were resolved with this model, why it is working well and how we restructured the company based on it.
Later on, would like to tackle what challenges we had inside our organization bringing this approach alive and how we manage to overcome them.
For final, would like to give some concrete advice on how to preselect wisely from agencies, how to spot scams before you hire them, and how to onboard resources.
Bonus: What’s the catch 🙂 Would like to end my speech with my personal (empathic) end view on why it made such a difference. Give you the catch!!!

Antonija Tadic