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Guido Jansen

Randstad – Global CRO Lead

Guido is a psychologists and usability expert focused on E-commerce. He builds international teams and a company culture that turns user insights into improved user experiences, mainly by running many experiments. Since 2008 his work included many Magento projects and he became the Dutch community manager for Magento. He is often invited to speak at international events about persuasion, e-commerce and experimentation cultures and currently works as the Global CRO Lead for Randstad, a global leader in the HR services industry.

Merchant Track

Creating An Optimisation Culture

How do you align CRO teams, across 40 countries and 16 timezones, who are all in different stages of digital maturity? During this session, Guido shares his experience and talks about the challenges of building an agile experimentation/online optimisation culture within a large international corporation.