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Marion Freijsen

Strategic Business Advisor, Commerce Strategy Lead EMEA at Adobe


For the past 20 years Marion has been C-level at various technology and social media companies . Upon returning to the Netherlands, she joined the country’s largest ecommerce company in wine/coffee as COO where she ran a full digital transformation program, migrating all their labels from old ecommerce stacks to Magento and re-organising the company in order to ramp up. Adobe asked her to join so they could lend that expertise to their clients. At Adobe, Marion runs the commerce strategy team that works with customers through understanding their goals and ambitions and helping them align technology, process and people to achieve them. Marion is a published author of two business books; The N-Factor and the E-Factor and is a frequent speaker and presenter.

All about the talk

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What Is Composable Commerce?

Composable commerce — what is it and where does it come from? Perhaps you’re already using it without realizing it. Marion Freijsen and Ray Bogman of Adobe explore how this modular setup can help your organisation’s e-commerce and how its flexible approach can help you speed up innovation.

In this session:

  • What composable commerce is and isn’t
  • Key elements that make up this approach
  • How composable commerce can have a positive impact on your organization and e-commerce goals
Marion Freijsen