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technical Track

Beginner to Certified - The Path of a Magento Developer

Finding out how to become Magento certified can be extremely overwhelming. You will most likely come across pitfalls in your attempt and face a level of resistance, which may turn into a trap in completing the process. In this talk, Mark will go over the common “how do I get certified?” questions, including his journey & struggles with Magento, steps to use to pass the exam, and what to do after you pass or fail the test.

Mark's passion over the last decade revolves entirely around Magento. Mark's interest in the Zend & Magento Frameworks started with the early days of Magento 0.8, with an even longer devotion to eCommerce & PHP for over 20 years. He's held all positions within many organizations, ranging from junior developer to chief solution architect. During this time, Mark has spoken at conferences such as Magento Imagine & Meet Magento New York, and his full-stack programming expertise paved the way for him to become a Zend Certified Engineer & Adobe Certified Magento Developer. Mark's love for open-source software led him to build & maintain docker-magento, the most popular development environment for Magento 2. Mark is the founder of, curating lessons & courses to create the simplest way to learn Magento. He is married to his wonderful wife Juliann, and they are the proud parents of twin girls Lily & Brielle. Mark lives in Northeast Ohio and loves eating chipotle burritos, solving Rubik's cubes, driving his 240sx, and watching Cleveland Browns games.