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technical Track

Optimizing your development process

Currently NewRelic is a tool which is available out-of-box with all Adobe Commerce Cloud projects. For the last several years, Oleksandr worked with 20+ different Cloud instances, and had extensive experience troubleshooting using NewRelic services. In his talk he’ll share what he learned – where to find problems and bottlenecks, how to manage Alerts and Notifications, which common issue developers may see on different projects and how to solve them. He hopes to show the community how comfortable this tool may be for each and every person who works with Adobe Commerce / Magento Open Source products.

Oleksandr Lyzun is the Adobe Commerce Technical Team Lead at comwrap and joined the company in 2015. In the last 12 years of working with Adobe Commerce and Magento he developed, led and put live numerous projects. As Magento Community Maintainer, Magento DevDocs Maintainers and Magento Master 2019/2020, he works with passion and love on various Adobe Commerce and Magento Community projects. His passion is to work on complex Adobe Commerce projects, to provide tailored solutions to the digital challenges of e-commerce customers.