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technical Track

Asynchronous Magento

Over the years, Magento architecture has grown and become more complex. The main reason: merchants’ requirements are becoming more complex. This complexity leads to an increase of application infrastructure, release cycles and the number of features that have to be maintained. For Magento’s first decade, it was a monolith application which nicely covered mid-sized merchant needs. But as the system grows, the more difficult it becomes to maintain this monolith architecture. Beginning in 2018, the Magento architecture team has switched direction and is trying to achieve a full-service decomposition of Magento Core. For archive goals and be able to maintain and scale Magento Systems to a next level, whole
communication architecture have to be well planned and designed. In this session, Alek will share information about which Asynchronous communications Magento provides out-of-the-box, which challenges and solutions developers and merchants can expect in the near future, and how to solve those challenges.

Oleksandr Lyzun is the Magento Technical Team Lead at comwrap and joined the company in 2015. In the last 12 years of working with Magento he developed, led and put live numerous Magento projects. As Magento Community Maintainer, Magento DevDocs Maintainers and Magento Master 2019/2020, he works with passion and love on various Magento Community projects. His passion is to work on complex Magento projects, to provide tailored solutions to the digital challenges of e-commerce customers.