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Osvaldo Spadano

Founder & CEO at Akoova


Osvaldo is a technology executive with over three decades of internet industry experience and now on his 4th start-up. He has been somewhat of a SaaS pioneer in the ecommerce world, having co-founded and built Venda, one of the first cloud-based ecommerce platforms, which was subsequently acquired by NetSuite in 2014. It was whilst serving as CTO at both Yoox and Alexandalexa that Osvaldo gained an understanding of the frustrations that retailers experience in not being able to find a solid partner who could take over the technical operation of their Magento store. This was the driver for him to start Akoova. Today, as Founder & CEO of Akoova, Osvaldo oversees the successful and growing Magento cloud hosting provider. Akoova’s K-Hosting is the Magento hosting platform of choice for supreme brands such as Fred Perry, END. Clothing, Big Bus Tours and Diptyque. Osvaldo has two decades of experience in applied lean thinking and how it can transform ecommerce and technology organisations.

All about the talk

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How Drawing Pigs Creates Commercial Advantage

Find out why successful companies such as Amazon, Nike, Zara and Uniqlo pay homage to the pig.
In this insightful talk, Ossy reveals how standardisation leads to reducing waste and drives continuous improvement – the pillars of lean thinking.
Whether you’re a small or large enterprise, by the end of this talk, you will have the knowledge to start and sustain your own lean journey.
Worst case, you’ll learn how to draw a pig!

Osvaldo Spadano