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merchant Track

PWAs for Retail: Panel Discussion

Join Google, Adobe & JH as they discuss the benefits of PWAs for Retail. The panel will be led by Internet Retailing. You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of what a PWA can enable for your online business, as well as insights into how they will shape the future of eCommerce.

Paul Skeldon is a freelance retail, telecoms and technology journalist and analyst, specialising in mobile, marketplaces and media. He is currently one of the editors at, the leading online news source for the retail industry, a research analyst at RetailX and managing editor of, the leading news service for the value-added telecoms market globally. His first book – M-commerce – was published by Crimson Business Publishing in 2011. His second – the DIY Guide to eCommerce – was published in 2017. Paul also regularly ghost writes blogs, white papers and ebooks across a range of subjects from eCommerce, to logistics to telecoms and media. He is also managing director of video and podcasting content creation company, Videobaby Media, and has worked with numerous brands and publishers to produce video and audio content. Paul lives in the Chilterns in Buckinghamshire with his partner, three young kids, large dog, old cat, six iPhones, five iPads, three laptops, a dongle and a garage full of mobile handsets dating back to 1992.