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Pierre Martin

Front-Commerce – Lead Developer

With more than 7 years of Magento expertise, Pierre co-manages the French agency Occitech. In 2015, unsatisfied with Magento2 frontend announcements his team started to prototypes ideas. These proofs of concept turned into what is now known as Front-Commerce, one of the most mature PWA solution for Magento in production. He is an early adopter of tools such as Docker, Ansible, React, GraphQL and loves experimenting with new technologies (PWAs, JAMStack, dat://, Eve, NixOS…).

Technical Track

Panel: Getting Real with Progressive Web Apps

Hosted by: Eric Erway, Senior Product Manager at Magento Commerce

Panelists: James Zetlen, PWA Lead at Magento Commerce; Pierre Martin, Lead Developer at Front-Commerce; Jamie Maria Schouren, Director at Deity; Marcin Dyguda, Software Development Vice Director & Tribe Master at Divante

It’s time for us to get real about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and how we can deliver amazing shopping experiences together across any device. As with any new innovation, there are facts and myths to consider especially from a technical perspective. Please join this discussion with our Magento frontend architect and experts from the community with real experience building PWAs and get the facts.