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Ten Building Blocks of Digital Transformation - Innovation Matrix

In this interactive discussion for commerce business leaders and project managers, Magento experts will guide you on how to best lead your digital transformation from Magento 1 or 2, or re-platforming to Magento Commerce 2. We will discuss building an ‘Innovation Matrix’ and consensus within your company, best practice frameworks for preparing for the digital transformation, while using the ‘Ten Building Blocks’. Attendees will walk away with a sound understanding how to use the Innovation Matrix needed for a successful digital transformation within or to Magento Commerce 2.

Ray Bogman is an IT professional and Magento evangelist from the Netherlands. He started working with computers in 1993 as a hobby at first. In the past, he has worked for KPN, a large Dutch Telecom company, as a senior security officer. He has been the CTO of Wild Hibiscus, Netherlands, since 2010, and cofounder and business creator of Yireo until 2011, Jira ICT since 2005, and CTO of SupportDesk B.V., which he cofounded in 2011. At SupportDesk B.V., he is a Magento, Joomla, OroCRM, web/server/mobile performance specialist, and security evangelist. His focus during the day is business/product development and training webmasters and consultants about the power of Magento, from the basics up to an advanced level. He has trained over 1,000 Magento and 750 Joomla experts worldwide since 2005. At Magento events such as Magento Developers Paradise, Meet Magento, Magento Live and Magento Imagine, he has been a regular speaker since 2009. He has participated in reviewing Mastering Magento (2012), Mastering Magento Theme Design (2014), Magento Administration Guide (2014), Learning Magento Theme Development (2014), and the video, Mastering Magento (2013), all by Packt Publishing. In 2016 his first Magento book got published, Magento 2 Cookbook. By the end of 2016, he created a new Magento Performance Open Source project called: ( Currently, he is working for Magento as a Senior Business Solutions Architect in the EMEA/APAC region.