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Ray Bogman

Senior Global Software Support Manager at Adobe


Ray is an IT professional and Magento evangelist from the Netherlands. He started working with computers in 1993 as a hobby at first. In the past, he has worked for KPN, a large Dutch Telecom company, as a senior security officer. Over the last years he co-founded many businesses as a CTO (Jira ICT, Yireo, Wild Hibiscus, Rapido and SupportDesk.) As a trainer/consultant he has trained over 1,000 Magento experts worldwide since 2008. At Magento events (worldwide) he has been a regular speaker since 2009. Ray has multiple Magento certifications, and besides Magento, PHP and Linux he loves to go deep on Security, Performance, Mobile and SEO. In 2016 his first Magento book got published, Magento 2 Cookbook. By the end of 2016 he created a new Magento Performance Open Source project called: Currently he is working for Magento an Adobe Company as a Senior Business Solutions Architect in the EMEA/APAC region.

All about the talk

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What Is Composable Commerce?

Composable commerce — what is it and where does it come from? Perhaps you’re already using it without realizing it. Marion Freijsen and Ray Bogman of Adobe explore how this modular setup can help your organisation’s e-commerce and how its flexible approach can help you speed up innovation.

In this session:

  • What composable commerce is and isn’t
  • Key elements that make up this approach
  • How composable commerce can have a positive impact on your organization and e-commerce goals
Ray Bogman