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Sakshi Bissa

Magento Developer at Ranosys Technologies


Sakshi Bissa is working as a Software Engineer for Ranosys Technologies. Being World’s Youngest Certified Magento Developer, she started her career at the age of 18, when she was an undergraduate student, started exploring the Magento platform, and completed her certification at the age of 20. She contributes to the community by sharing her ideas on her blog, spreading awareness, and igniting insightful discussions across the Magento community in India. She is a people person and never fails to bring smiles to all the faces around her and she currently resides in Jaipur, India.

All about the talk

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Bringing power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to experiences with Adobe Sensei

In the talk, I am going to share how we are going to use AI with Magento to enhance our customer experience. Product Recommendation and Live Search are highly recommended when you want your customers to provide a personalized e-commerce platform. We can understand what customers need using AI techniques.

I’ll share how Adobe Sensei is beneficial for both Developers and Merchants and how developers can integrate these modules in their Magento platform, a live demo will be added too with all the details. Let’s catch up there!

Sakshi Bissa
Ranosys Technologies