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Sergii Ivashchenko

Software Development Engineer at Adobe


I am a software engineer from Ukraine based in Ireland. During my career in Magento world, I managed to work as a core developer, full-stack+devops Magento projects developer and open-source community projects lead. Currently, I am working on the toolset for developers and solution architects intended to make evaluation and development related to Adobe Commerce upgrades easier.

All about the talk

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Easier and safer Adobe Commerce upgrades

Last year I have been working on solutions intended to make Adobe Commerce upgrades easier. I want to share my experience gained during this time and talk about what has been done.

Most part of the presentation will be dedicated to the toolset that can be used to estimate and prepare the codebase for upgrade: Upgrade Compatibility Tool, Magento PHPStorm Plugin, 3rd party tools.

Also, I will mention some process and core changes that should improve future versions upgrade experience.

Sergii Ivashchenko