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Suzannah Taggart

Gift Universe Group – Head of E-Commerce

After running her own digital agency for a number of years, Suzannah moved on in 2015 to head up the eCommerce team at Soak and Sleep, a pureplay disruptive bed & bath retailer. She joined Gift Universe in 2017 to provide a stronger omnichannel presence and help grow the digital aspects of the business.

Merchant Track

What’s Killing Retail? How To Thrive As The Giants Fall

The news is awash with retailer after retailer taking a tumble, and everyone in the industry has their own ideas about why. Against this doom-and-gloom backdrop, Suzannah explores innovation in the industry from both new retailers and those who’ve been around the block, detailing specifically what Menkind is doing to build exciting growth and make a difference as both an ecommerce and high street entity.