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Content-driven commerce is your future

Each brand has its own story or they try to create one. To set the tone of the brand in the mind of target audience, brands started emphasising on generating and distributing content across digital channels. Digital commerce (eCommerce) domain is getting competitive each day for each products/services. In the era of digital experiences, all brands are in the race of improving their digital foot prints. And, it is dominated by integrated marketing communications led by content strategies and campaigns. Smart buyers are consuming a lot of content, reviews, blogs, and videos on various online channelsĀ and then making buying decisions. We can see that content-driven commerce is the future for brands to create engagement, sales and brand resonance. In this talk, we will discuss this trend, see some great examples, platforms andĀ solutions available to do that for SMEs and Enterprise Brands.

Vatsal offers transformation and growth to organisations and individuals by creating inner drive. He helps them elevate their brand and profitability. He founded Pragmatic Consultancy in 2008 with this mission. Being a serial entrepreneur he has also founded 2 eCommerce Start-ups. As a business coach, he championed transformations of 57+ IT, E-Commerce, Retail, and Manufacturing organisations. His clients spread across India, China, UK, Africa, and USA and he has trained more than 5900 people and 162 CEOs. Vatsal was associated with Meet Magento(s), WordCamp(s), IIM-Udaipur, Universities, IT Associations, and Entrepreneurship events as speaker/mentor. To shares eCommerce knowledge he blogs on