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Zachary Stevens

Akoova – Chief Architect & Co-founder

Zachary has worked in internet-related business for 20 years – 15 years eCommerce. In 2013 he co-founded Akoova – delivering a scalable, resilient Magento platform on AWS. Here, he works with some of the top Magento eCommerce brands including Byredo, Graze and Swoon Editions.Passionate about DevOps, Lean Thinking, and Infrastructure Automation, Zachary is a SaaS eCommerce pioneer, focussed on operations and architecture.

Technical Track

So You’ve Launched A Magento Website, What Next?

Building a new site is a major undertaking, and the run up to launch day can feel like a final push to cross the finish line. From the Operations perspective, launch day is the beginning of a marathon – not the end of a sprint. In this session, Zac will share distilled experience gained through operating many successful Magento 1 and 2 sites on AWS.  You’ll learn how bringing the DevOps mindset to your Magento project can improve performance, stability, and your ability to sleep through the night.  We’ll cover:

  • Getting to know your site — an operator’s perspective
  • Constructive pessimism — planning for failure
  • This 1 weird trick to improve availability
  • Making boredom an integral part of your deployments
  • And much more