May 28, 2019

Tax Automation at #MM19UK, with Vertex Inc.

We spoke to Oliver Froehlich, Channel Lead for Europe, all about Vertex Inc. and their Silver sponsorship of this year’s Meet Magento UK event.

Learn more about the importance of tax automation when it comes to operating eCommerce business and expanding internationally. And hear why you should make the trip up to visit them in the Sponsor Marketplace this June 19th.

1. Can you tell us a little about your company?

Vertex provides tax automation technology to keep global businesses compliant.  Vertex solutions automatically calculate the correct tax on goods and provides signature-ready returns for filing across global jurisdictions.

2. How do you feel that your company fits into the wider Magento community?

Tax is an integral part of the purchase lifecycle. Vertex fits in by automating the process to provide accuracy in tax calculations and returns.  This helps businesses operating across different jurisdictions save time, cost and ensures that local rules and regulations are adhered to.

3. What were your reasons for sponsoring Meet Magento UK?

As Magento premiere partners, we are sponsoring to educate the SI’s and other eCommerce businesses on the value of automating their tax processes.

4. What was your highlight from MM18UK?

Meeting a host of SI’s and eCommerce companies at the event and introducing them to the concept of tax automation.

5. Why do you think it’s important to take time out to come to events like ours?

The event provides a forum to meet people and network as well as build relationships and learn about the industry and the challenges faced.

6. What do you think makes the Magento community so unique?

It is a strong community, open to fresh new ideas and is very much forward thinking.

7. What do you think has been the biggest leap forward in the eCommerce industry so far?

Customer buying experience from being able to quickly choose a product based on customer reviews and use of chat box when you have a question, to one-click online purchases and short delivery times.

8. What trends, tactics, or tools should we be focusing on in 2019? What do you predict we’ll see this year?

Trend: Consumers will want a seamless experience buying any product, from any device or from bricks and mortar, and have it available to them at the location of their choice (delivery, pickup at store, etc).

Tools: Merchants using AI and machine learning in their apps more and more to predict consumer behaviour

Tactics: Ecommerce platform providers will embed tools (e.g. tax, shipping, returns) as much as possible in their offerings so merchants can get up and running quickly (e.g. Magento Core Bundled Extension).

9. Why should merchants attend Meet Magento UK 2019?

To keep up to date with what is new in the marketplace, to keep up with the latest eCommerce trends within a fast-changing environment

10. Why should attendees visit you in the Sponsor Marketplace on June 19th?

Although tax is not front of mind for eCommerce businesses it can be a block for some companies looking to expand internationally.  Attendees who are in the expansion phase or are looking to operate internationally should visit us to see how we help global eCommerce businesses automate their tax processes today.

Keen to find out more about Vertex Inc.? Head to their website now.