May 13, 2019

Welcome Straker Translations, #MM19UK Silver Sponsor

Let’s learn more about our Silver Sponsor, Straker Translations – combining class-leading technology and human expertise to offer more efficient and cost-effective translations for their eCommerce clients.


Straker Translations is a global language services provider, specialising in an A.I. and data-driven approach. We have combined industry-leading technology across all aspects of our business to offer cost-effective, high-quality translations and intuitive management tools

2. How do you feel that your company fits into the wider Magento community?

Straker offers Magento approved API extensions for translations and translation management. We allow our clients to maximise their global potential without language as a barrier. By providing cost-effective translations and class-leading technology, e-commerce shops running on any version of Magento can easily take their products global.

3. What were your reasons for sponsoring Meet Magento UK?

It is important for us to be an active part of the Magento community so that we can learn from others and hopefully provide some benefit ourselves. The Magento community is very passionate and creative and we’re always amazed by the stories people have to tell. The best place for us to hear those stories and to tell our story in the UK is MM19UK.

4. Why do you think it’s important to take time out to come to events like ours?

The world of Magento is fast paced and innovative. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to learn from all the other great people in the community. Events like Meet Magento are the best place to actively engage with the Magento community in the UK

5. What do you think makes the Magento community so unique?

The willingness to work together and everyone’s desire to learn from each other. Being a part of Adobe will now only increase that drive.

6. What do you think has been the biggest leap forward in the eCommerce industry so far?

We’ve seen a number of online retailers, specifically direct to consumer, make the jump into brick and mortar. This is really exciting as it proves brick and mortar isn’t necessarily dead, it’s just about doing it correctly.

As everyone speaks about the customer experience shopping online, the same has always been even more true for brick and mortar. We’re seeing the smartest companies combine these in omnichannel retail in incredibly clever and interactive ways, using technology such as AR and VR.

7. What trends, tactics, or tools should we be focusing on in 2019? What do you predict we’ll see this year?

I’m really excited to see how e-commerce can fully harness the power of big data. With millions of site visits, even smaller merchants should be collecting this customer data as it will be crucial to competing against larger merchants. Technology can be a great differentiator but also a great equaliser.

8. Why should merchants attend Meet Magento UK 2019?

It is the best way to meet potential partners and learn best practices.

9. Why should attendees visit you in the Sponsor Marketplace on June 19th?

We’ve helped hundreds of brands expand globally at a fraction of the traditional cost. Our Magento extensions are all Magento approved and run on some of the world’s premier e-shops, such as Tom Dixon, Lladro, and Amitamin.